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Hey guys =)   I hope you haven’t forgotten about me. I have had tons of thoughts for new blogs lately, but I just haven’t gotten around to posting. I feel like a suitcase packed to the max with thoughts. My only option now is to get rid of a few on here so I can be zipped up again. I’m really not sure where to start, seeing as there’s so much to say. I guess I’ll start by saying please pray for me. I am in such a pivotal point in my life. There are endless possibilities and detours I could take with my life now, and trying to sort through those is wearing on me. So to start….


At the beginning of the year, I was ready for life. I was in fellowship with the Lord and I was rocking. My heart was on the mission set forth before me. And most of you guys know from past posts that I got a huge blessing of a job at Guitar Center. You also know how this has affected my relationship with Christ as well as friends and family. It really has not gotten much better. I find myself being content with mediocrity. I find my thoughts in places they should never be. My words, though they aren’t foul, are not lifting people up like God made my mouth to do. God is not first like I want Him to be.  How long will I pretend my way is better? And believe that it is?

I know better than that. Everyday, I see God place stepping-stones for me to get out of this rut. Yet, I choose to continue to drown in my own flesh and refuse to acknowledge the One that made me. I know God is trying to refine me. I know He knows exactly how this will pan out. I’m just frustrated, broken down, and weary. Maybe that’s where I need to be. Maybe this is where I have needed to be for a while. Maybe I got the job so I could get so broken down, only to get built up stronger again. Now that I think about it like that, it sounds better =)

I’m just ready to get through this and have a stronger defense against satan’s tactics. I need to read my bible way more and pray way more and stop being a foolish boy way more. I’m ready to start a new chapter in my life and I want it to be God’s life I’m living, not mine. These past few months have been me living my life. I’m done with that because it just doesn’t work. I have tasted and seen true fulfillment and it’s only in God. Now, I just need to remember that on a daily basis.

Sorry this is a ramble-post, but I just needed to get it out.
Thanks for taking time to read about my life.
Please pray.
Love you guys,


Neglect is a Strong Word

When I think of neglect, I think of something that lacks my attention for an extended period of time. I think of something that, by my lack of attention, isn’t as healthy as it could be. Think of a plant that doesn’t get watered, a person who doesn’t shower, a malnourished pet, etc.. I could go on for days. As serious as it can be, why is it so easy to fall into? It feels like my life these past few weeks  have been very neglectful, and they have been.

When did my life become too busy to acknowledge the important things?

It only takes one time to get stuck in a habit of neglect. I am living proof of this. Can I get personal with you guys?

It all started few weeks ago when I got in late. I did my normal nightly routine and I realized my bible was in my car. It was fine because I was really tired and I had to get up early for work, right? Neglect. Do you want to know where my bible has stayed since then? I’m sure you can guess! Lets dig a little deeper…

Since I haven’t been reading my bible, the truths and words I try to live by have not been on the forefront of my mind. I have stopped praying almost altogether. I find myself in conversations I should not be in. I find myself getting caught up in lustful thoughts far too often. The relationships with my friends have suffered. My temper is constantly on edge. I haven’t had a real conversation with my parents in over a week now. I haven’t updated this thing in forever… I WANT OUT OF THIS

I have finally reached the end of my rope. If doing things my way has gotten me to this point, my way sucks. For those of you who pray, please pray for me. Pray that God breaks down my pride and puts the fear back in me. Pray that He would lay heavy on my heart and take this hurt away. I need Him in my life because He’s the only way I find happiness.

I love you guys
Thanks for taking your time to read


A Challenge

I apologize for the lack of postage these past couple of days. I have been getting settled into the new job and its new schedule. I’m actually going to be mainly talking about that tonight as well. I just wanted to say hey to you guys and to let you know that I still love you =)

I want to start off by saying be careful what you ask God. Why, you ask?
Let me explain….

As I was settled in the monotony of the great establishment known as Bar-B-Cutie, I was wanting a challenge. I wanted my faith to be refined. I wanted trails because I was far too comfy. I distinctly remember reading James 1 where it talks about trails being considered as blessings. This really caught my attention and it suddenly turned into a prayer that was something like this…

God, I want my faith to be tested. Give me a challenge and help me learn to rely on you more. Throw your best at me. Challenge me, please.

Let me tell you, a challenge is what I got! If I had been in the same position a year ago, I would have failed and given up. The challenge was my employment at Guitar Center. The answered prayer for a better job and a challenge all in one! God’s timing is incredible sometimes. I’ll explain why this was such a challenge.

My first week at Guitar Center yielded more stress than my body has EVER produced in its lifetime. I felt so completely out-of-place as a Christian. It is the most challenging enviroment I have ever been in and it is now my full-time job! As much as I wanted to turn around and return to my comfort zone, I wanted to make it through. I wanted to prove to God that I could handle it. While my brain was exploding with new information about gear, policies, screens,etc… I had to ask God for help. And if any of you guys know me, you know that I’ll wait until I am dying before I ask for help. I like to get things done myself. But if I had been left to my own devices, I would be miserable. With the constant prayers for peace, determination, and faith, I finally made it through. And now, it feels like I could make it through anything =)  That’s how serious it was for me.

I want to jump back to my initial statement about being careful what you ask God. I said this because I don’t think He has a problem with testing or challenging us. If you don’t think you have enough faith to go off the deep end, pray for challenges that will lead you to bigger ones. This is something that has built my faith exponentially.

*I challenge you to give it try*  =)

Now that I have crossed this mountain, I’m ready for the next one. I’m ready for my faith to be tested and refined more. I think it has become an addiction. Like I have said before, I want everything that God has for me. I want His will for my life, which is definitely going to require more faith from my end. If you decide to take the challenge with me, please let me know so I can pray for you. I am sure that another reason why I made through this trail is because others prayed for me. Please let me know if you guys need an extra guy praying for you =)

Sorry that my thoughts are so scattered and incomplete. I really wanted to update you and give you some fresh thoughts. I hope you all have wonderful dreams tonight! Comments  and feedback are more than welcome!

Love you guys with all my heart

Sometimes I wish I was a seed. It seems like the seed has a pretty easy time dying to itself in order to grow into what God has planned for it. I mean, look at all the trees that have grown from their dead seeds! They are everywhere!

My dad and I went on a hike up Pine Mountain today. It has been forever since the both of us did anything with each other. Just us men, grading the side of this mountain with the vision of the summit leading the way. Amongst the normal small talk, my dad seamlessly went into reminiscing-mode. I heard more stories about climbing/hiking when he was a kid than I have ever heard from him before. It was like it was yesterday that he climbed the same mountain with his friends when they were my age. It made me happy because the excitement was still in his eyes. It made me think of the stories that I will tell my kids one day. It suddenly went from a happy feeling to an urgent feeling….

What kind of stories do you want to tell your kids?
I know I am jumping around, but bear with me =)

As much as I completely enjoyed the moments I had with my dad today, I want unbeatable stories. Stories that can’t be made up. Stories of a little tiny seed dying, yielding a strong trunk and mighty limbs. Stories of those limbs providing shade for others, producing fruit, and even keeping people warm in cold seasons. Have you ever given thought to what would happen to a seed if God’s hand didn’t grace it? Absolutely nothing. What would happen if we died completely, allowing the hand of God to build us into a tree of God?

We have no clue how beautiful our lives would be. Why is it so hard to die? Why is it so hard to give up our everyday comforts in exchange for time with God? What do you have to let go of? Think about that for a minute before you read on….

To wrap things up, I want to be a magnificent tree of God. A tree that impossibly grew from a tiny seed into something glorious. I want to be able to show and tell my children what happens with faith and letting go. I want my children to see the excitement in my eyes just like I saw it in my dad’s eyes today. Not only so they would be happy, but that they would see that MY GOD is the ONLY way, the ONLY truth, and the ONLY life. I gained a sense of urgency today. I don’t have many youthful years left! I need to die to myself for my own sake, my family’s sake, my future family’s sake, the whole mass of unbelievers who haven’t heard or seen what it means to be a true Christ-follower. There is nothing this world has for me that will be greater than what MY GOD has for me.

Thanks for reading guys. I really enjoy getting these thoughts out. I’m beginning to think this blog idea was all overdue. I love all of you guys and I hope you have sweet dreams tonight. Please let me know if you have any prayer requests you would like me to know about. Thanks again for reading! Comments are more than welcome!

Love for all

If you know me at all, you know that music plays a huge part in my life. I refer to my mind as my “iBrain” and it is always on shuffle. If you have ever watched a movie with me, you know that I will comment about the music in a given scene at least once. In some cases, the soundtrack of a movie upgrades it from a mediocre film to a great one. Certain songs can muster up certain emotions the director wants you to feel for that one certain scene.

Are you seeing the picture I’m painting?

Today as I was driving, (flipping through the radio stations as usual) I came across an Atlanta-based rap station playing one of their “flavor of the week” jams. If I can be honest, the track was great and I was getting crunk. When the vocals came in, it was some sexual innuendo topped with a bit of unwholesome. Yet, I was still crunk as a skunk. Once the song went off and the feeling died, I felt dirty. I had just accepted what they were saying because the beat was hard. I was even singing along to the hooks(catchy parts)

Then I got to thinking….

What if everything that was said over that well-produced track was about Christ and how he died for our sins so we could live an eternal life by his side? Would you still stay crunk if the hook was about salvation rather than desires of the flesh? Just like the director who adds certain songs to inject emotion into a scene, could a killer track make you have a lighter view of these unwholesome things? It did to me today. So what I really wanted to say was guard what you are listening to guys. I only say this because I stumbled in that area today and I know that satan works heavily in music and “entertainment”  Next time you tune-in or listen, really pay attention to what you are singing along to. Because by singing along, you are accepting what is being said.

I love you guys and I hope that your Easter Sunday will be beautiful and bright.
Sweet dreams my friends.
Until next time,


So long! Farewell!

I didn’t want to leave my bed this morning. With the windows open in my room and the fan on high, I was chilling under warm covers in a chilly room. This is the perfect recipe for sleeping in. This is what I have waited on for months. This is the kind of weather that makes it easier to be me. Everything moves from urgent to chill in a matter of seconds. I find myself leaving early to enjoy the car rides, windows and sunroof wide open. I find myself getting sick of every other radio station besides The FISH because they are the songs I am not ashamed to sing loud and heartfelt. I should really update my CD collection, but I have been drawn to the regular old radio lately. It seems like I have been drawn to the basics lately as well. I am getting older, which I am completely aware of. But with the physical and numerical growth, I am finding things of my childhood more and more exciting. Things like being outside, running for no reason, climbing trees, hiking, and living a non-complex life make me feel alive…. again. I never want to be stuck in a career that doesn’t make me feel alive. I want this feeling forever and God willing, my life will bring me joy.

What brings you joy in your life?

I asked myself this question today and came up with a few things. The first thing that brings me joy is bringing God joy. I know that just accepting Christ as my Savior brought him joy. But being completely undeserving of that, I want to bring Him joy like the joy he has blessed me with. Secondly, playing music and worshiping brings me joy. Seeing the talents that God has given me expand and grow excites me to no end! Why not use those talents to give thanks? Thirdly, helping/blessing people with my blessings brings me joy. Whether it be helping with a simple task or helping someone out financially. This is definitely an area that I feel a lot of growth is necessary. Nonetheless, it brings me incredible joy.  Lastly, talking to People about God and how he is working in my life. I have been a “Christian” for some time now, but I haven’t caught-on to the idea of “Following Christ” until this past year or so. This is the area that I yearn to grow the most. The few times I have “manned-up” and talked to people about it, I get a undescribable feeling. It’s almost like God is going, “YES!! He finally gets it!” If you are reading this, I ask that you pray for my boldness with these things because I want more joy in my life. I need boldness to get over my meek, weak, and broken idea of how I speak about God. I will update more on these as I blog-on =)

On a different note, tonight was my last night shift at Bar-B-Cutie. As much as I have talked junk about that place, I really am going to miss it. Monday morning will be my last shift before starting Guitar Center that following Tuesday. It is a scary idea. Bar-B-Cutie is my comfort zone. Even though it stressed me out daily and made me smelly, I am used to it. I got used to not talking to customers and just getting my job done. Guitar Center will be a whole new beast. But in saying that, I have a complete set of new faces to shine God’s light upon. Maybe it wont be so bad =)

I am off to bed. I have breakfast with one of the most genuine dudes I know, Joel Smith. I hope everyone has wonderful dreams of wonderful things. If you have anything you would like me to pray for, just leave a comment. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, send me a message on Facebook. It should be linked on the right sidebar! =)   Goodnight everyone! I love every single one of you.


I really wish I had something profound to say, leaving every one’s jaw dropped followed by an attack on the “subscribe” button. With that being said, I’m not sure how well I will do in Blogworld. I feel like a pretty average young dude that lives a pretty average life. Hopefully over the life of this blog, you will see many changes. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. I feel like I’m on the brink of something big. I am so excited and pumped-up about where God may be leading me that I feel a blog is necessary to capture the beauty of His work in my life. This blog will eventually be updated with videos and pictures about my journey. I will try to keep my updates frequent, but no promises haha

Thanks for checking everything out!

P.S. If you are reading this, I love you